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Vinyl Siding & Gutter Installation in Ohio

A vinyl siding company might sound farfetched, but all aspects of home improvement, whether in Ohio or elsewhere, need the attention they deserve. New Harvest Construction specializes in a couple of kinds of housework, including a gutter & vinyl siding installation service.

 Alongside our roof repair and paint job services for an Ohio home's exterior or interior, bringing a gutter & vinyl siding contractor to help your house is one of our top services. We aim for our clients to use their money as efficiently as possible. Free estimates are available for everyone wanting to do business with us.

Benefits Of Vinyl Siding

While a vinyl siding & gutter installation contractor at New Harvest Construction will do an excellent job and remind you, it is always important to know the many benefits of vinyl sliding services. Warranties tend to be transferable and lifelong. Vinyl siding is both low maintenance (only needing occasional washes) and allows people to save money, consistently being one of the cheapest siding options for an Ohio home.

Vinyl siding also has durability, lasting between 20 and 40 years depending on which variables affect it. While you can choose your siding's color at New Harvest Construction, vinyl siding never actually needs to be painted, removing long-term additional work for everyone.
Cost Effective
Low Maintenance

Why Choose Us for Vinyl Siding & Gutter Installation?

In addition to having 15 years of experience in roof replacement and paint job services, New Harvest Construction is a vinyl siding installation company. All three services and the free estimates that come with them are crucial to our business. The vinyl siding installation cost is lower than alternatives, and is a budget-friendly addition to our services needed for Ohio your house's roof, interior, or exterior.

We are also proficient at repairing gutters, which can easily crack due to storms and severe winds. Cracked gutter guards can easily worsen the situation by allowing leaks, molds, and fungus, and gutter cleaning is not the most pleasant of tasks. New Harvest Construction will both fix any gutter with issues and ensure that these issues will be far less frequent.

Alongside the vinyl siding services of our business, we can tailor the rest of your house's exterior with our other services to your liking. We take any given siding replacement as seriously as an average roof or paint job, and are determined to allow your home's energy efficiency to live up to its full potential. With us, a new siding is not mere polishing of an Ohio house, but the enrichment of a home, including existing siding that we replace.

At New Harvest Construction, we aim for the best job like other siding companies, but go for the most efficient home remodeling plans in Ohio. Our vinyl siding services are a budget-friendly addition to the transformation of your house. Whether you need a new roof or to install a new siding for low costs, your house is in safe hands with the replacement our business will provide.


How Vinyl Siding is Installed?

Vinyl siding is simple to install on most houses. After sheathing the walls to install a moisture barrier, it is time to install soffit and fascia siding. Then, you have to measure the walls and install the starter strip. Finally, you need to set up the corner posts, stick flashing tape all corners of the doors and windows you encounter, and install the siding panels.

When To Replace Vinyl Siding?

Replacing vinyl siding is seldom necessary, but can become a recommended solution depending on your problems.

There are many ways to determine if an existing siding replacement is needed. Usually, it is either when existing siding shows its age or when it is damaged siding. Holes, moistures, cracks, and rotting are among the things to cause damaged siding. Another tip is to check for signs of any siding damage if your heating and cooling bills have increased.

How To Side A House With Vinyl Siding?

The same steps to install it are required. A house's exterior needs flat surfaces to install vinyl siding. Walls have to be lined with sheets of rigid foam board that are 1/2-inch-thick. The foam is there to provide a nailing surface.

How much Vinyl Siding Cost?

In the United States, vinyl siding costs between $2.50 and $10.75 per square foot, making for some of the lowest siding costs on the market.
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